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NSAU is abbreviated as State Space Agency of Ukraines the Ukrainian government NSAUagency responsible for space policy and programs. Along with the Ukrainian Defense Industry and the Antonov Aeronautical Scientific-Technical Complex, it is a major state complex of the national defense industry of Ukraine.

The State Space Agency of Ukraine does not specialize in manned astronautical programs. It is the second of two direct Soviet space program descendants. The agency does not have its own spaceport and is often dependent on the resources of the Russian Federal Space Agency (the primary inheritor of the Soviet space program)

Until 2014 Launches were conducted at Kazakhstan’s Baikonur and Russia’s Plesetsk Cosmodromes. Since Crimean crisis launches are conducted at Alcântara Launch Center (Brazil), and on Sea Launch’s floating platform. NSAU has ground control and tracking facilities in Kiev with the other facilities in Yevpatoria, Crimea, and the control-measuring complexes in Yevpatoria were abandoned, while they are operating the control center in Dunaivtsi.

Main tasks

  • Development of state policy concepts in the sphere of research and peaceful uses of space, as well as in the interests of national security;
  • Organization and development of space activities in Ukraine and under its jurisdiction abroad;
  • Contributing to state national security and defense capability;
  • Organization and development of Ukraine’s cooperation with other states and international space organizations.

NSAU is a civil body in charge of co-ordinating the efforts of government installations, research, and industrial companies (mostly state-owned). Several space-related institutes and industries are directly subordinated to NSAU. However, it is not a united and centralized system immediately participating in all stages and details of space programs (likeNASA in the United States). A special space force in the military of Ukraine is also absent.

Ukrainian spacecraft include a few kinds for domestic and foreign use and international cooperation. Ukraine has supplied Russia with military satellites and their launch vehicles, a unique relationship in the world.

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