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Directory Square is the most comprehensive directory of space industry organizations, aerospace service companies and spaceflight launch providers. Used daily by the space industry, science educators and aerospace journalists, directory square has become the one stop shop for space resources, background information and contact details for space organizations in the public and private sectors. Register FREE to add your link and company profile.

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  • Aviation Services

    Aviation consultants, aircraft instrument and part suppliers, flight schools and more...
  • Space Agencies

    Contact details for NASA, JAXA, ESA, CSA, The UK Space Agency, Roscosmos and more...
  • Space Business Services

    Space business advisors, consultants and manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, operators and more...
  • Space Computing Services

    Space industry computers, data processing, information technology and consulting...
  • Space Engineering Services

    Optical, electrical, CNC machining, aerospace and space industry engineering consultants.
  • Space Launches

    Forthcoming launches from government and private space agencies around the world.
  • Space Manufacturing Services

    Space plastic and metal supplies, automation equipment and systems dealers...
  • Space R and D

    Space research and development organizations and space industry consultants.
  • Space Resources

    Training programs, aviation schools, space education foundations, colleges and labs...
  • Space Services

    Space manufactures, engineers, satellite operators, launch service providers and more...
  • Space Supplies

    Quality aerospace and medical equipment and suppliers of space system hardware and parts,
  • Spacecraft

    Atlas V, Ariane 5, Falcon 9, Soyuz, Pegasus, Taurus, Delta IV and more...

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